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Enjoy Ultimate Convenience in Greenfield District - The Future Ready 24/7 District

The Greenfield District will revolutionize city living in the Mandaluyong area. As early as now, the complex serves as a complete community with everything its denizens need, anytime they need it.

The global community has spawned a new, always-on lifestyle. With the growth of the offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, more and more workers are shifting their office and leisure hours to suit another time zone, waking in the wee hours to get ready for work, and enjoying after-office drinks and "dinner" when others are just breaking out their breakfast.

For many BPO employees (and other people who like to stay out in the wee hours), the act of grabbing a quick bite after work used to pose a unique challenge: there were very few stores that were open at odd hours to cater to them. However, today's retail community has quickly adapted, particularly in areas with a heavy concentration of major BPO offices, like the growing Greenfield District in Mandaluyong.

The Greenfield District is planned as a revitalization of the 15-hectare area bounded by EDSA, Shaw Boulevard, Sheridan, Reliance, Mayflower and United Streets. The new master planned community will be a welcome oasis of green open spaces and generously-appointed buildings catering to a wide range of needs - from corporate commercial buildings, to retail shopping malls and residential towers. The Greenfield District is slated to be the country's first future-ready development, with the infrastructure to keep its denizens constantly connected to the world via the internet and their own home network via a seamless fiber optic system. Anchored by its premiere condominium development, the Twin Oaks Place, and a range of other digitally and physically interconnected smart buildings, the District will be the country's first smart and connected city, a perfect place to live, work and relax.

One of the major components of the Greenfield District is its existing compound of offices, where BPO companies such as Teleperformance, IBM Daksh and OSRP/PC Mall run their operations. The complex is serviced by the always-open Pavilion, the main retail zone, which houses various dining establishments that cater to the neighboring employees. As early as now, in the initial site preparation stages of the Greenfield District's development, the Pavilion has already become a go-to place for meals and services, serving the main function of a retail complex which includes the Square, Station, Hub and Marketplace and ensuring continuous activity in the area.

The master planned Greenfield District offers even more, however, in terms of both physical and commercial facilities and conveniences for both the workers and future residents of this area. As the residential structures of the Greenfield District rise, more and more of the young upwardly mobile professionals will have options to live near their work, while others will no longer need to make the long commute to their offices, thanks to the fully connected fiber-optic network laid throughout the complex and integrated into its buildings. These residents will experience the true convenience of living where they work, yet still being in the thick of it all - in an area accessible to other areas of the metro through public transport systems like the MRT, or through privately owned vehicles that can navigate the complex with speed and efficiency, thanks to the interconnected subterranean basement road networks.

Since the business districts are open to active expansion - Greenfield still welcomes more BPO and other industry tenants - the corporate community is expected to grow even as the Greenfield District is being developed. To service the needs of this growing community, the current offerings of dining establishments and assorted shops will expand to include service providers and full retail shops, such as apparel shops and specialty stores, all open round the clock for the convenience of workers. Such hours are beneficial not only to BPO employees working unusual shifts, but also to regular day-shift employees, who sometimes do not have the opportunity to shop leisurely or run their errands after a long day at work. Furthermore, the facilities will not just serve the existing community - the next generation of residents living in the planned condominium communities are also expected to embrace this new lifestyle completely, having a complete selection of shops and conveniences available a mere elevator ride away, at all hours of the day.

This symbiotic relationship between residential and retail areas, as well as places of work, has long been recognized in the planning industry and applied to new developments. The District simply takes the concept further with its advanced interconnectivity, future-ready facilities, and keen appreciation of the new connected, always-on lifestyle. This central 24/7 hub and mall will serve as the beating heart of the city that Greenfield is poised to grow over the next few years.

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